Payday Loan
Price list

Sampoo (hair wash) reg
short hair: 500 HUF
medium hair: 650 HUF
long hair: 800 HUF

Ladies cut and blowdry
short hair: 5.800 HUF
medium hair: 6.400 HUF
long hair: 6.900 HUF

Gents cut and finish
3.900 HUF

Child cut
2.800 HUF

Fringe cut
300 - 700 HUF

Gents cut with clippers
2.500 HUF

short hair: 3.500 HUF
medium hair: 4.000 HUF
long hair: 4.500 HUF

Blowdry with diffuser
3.000 HUF


2.500 HUF full + used colour

Full head
3.100 HUF  full + used colour

If you bring your own colour
2.000-3.000 HUF

Highlights, Lowlights
(+ used colour!)
150 HUF (short), 200 HUF (long)

Highlights with comb (with bleach)
(+ used colour!)
2.500-3.700 HUF

(+ used colour!)
2.400-2.800 HUF

short hair: 5.900 HUF
medium hair: 6.700 HUF
long hair: 7.500 HUF

Hair up
5.300 HUF

Blowdry and set + Hair up
7.400 HUF

Hair up for special occasion
8.400 HUF

Treatment rituals
short hair: 400 HUF
medium hair: 700 HUF
long hair: 1.000 HUF

Rebook four blowdrys in one mouth
for a special discount

6.000 - 8.000 HUF




Technical prices do not include the used colour price.

All prices inclusive of 25% ÁFA ( VAT). Credit cards are accepted.


Please indicate any comments or notice to our hairdresser or manager, for helping to keep up the high-quality service.